PTCL DSL and Router - Need Suggestions

Today i have give an application to PTCl for 2mb DSL connection which is now 4mb now i wanna purchase a Router to work in my three floor house, plz give me suggestions which Routher is best to buy with long time working, long area coverage, security and many things to use on it like mobile, pc, laptop and a time and any other options which you think they must be in router.

Infact i am very new with routers and dont know anything about it so your best suggestion comments and experiences are much helpfull for me and all new users, plz also tell which company and model are best and also where to buy in pakistan.


Go for tp link. It's the best company for wireless routers. And make sure you get one with latest n technology for better speed as well as range.


after D-Link and Linksys , its TP-Link.

link sys good but not range wiseee go for tp link 3 antenaass