Ptcl downloding speed

facing some problm with download at day time but after late nite speed become fine any other facing same problum?

^Dude i am facing contrary to this at day it is worst from 9:00Am to 4:00AM.

But after 4:00AM to 9:00AM just for five hours it is just OK

otherwise it is always "DUMB"

You in MULTAN.???

i am facing this in lahore

Try to use existing threads

what u mean about 9 an to 4 am ???am or pa? yes i m in multan and facing this problm

DUDE only five hrs of morning

ok in desi language subha k 4 say subha k 9 tak us k ilawa NO SPEED :D

hahaha same here in late nite speed great but in day its gon dead

So what you did.????

i never faced this problem with landline, yes i do with evdo

My late night download speed gradually decreases untl I get frustrated andswitch off my PC. Next morning its improved but still downgraded to 75% of what it should have been. Max upload speed is 7-8KiB/sec which makes me sick.

I m on 2Mb sync is still 2048 for downstream but i m getting 120KB to 130KB download previously i used to 200Kb to 250KB.

Facing this problem since yesterday.