Ptcl doubling the packages on 14august

some good news here.

ptcl is doubling the bandwidth of the packages at the same rate on 14august.

got this from a reliable source in PTCL headquarter.


yar. my brother works there.

Lets hope its not a hoax like 23rd March one.

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yar. my brother works there.

hahahaha, what a reliable source.

I don't believe any of this. Does anybody else?

i dont think so reasons

1) ptcl has huge customers speed problems and complains already then how can they bear more ...?

2) ptcl has not upgraded their phone lines yet to support upto 8 mb

It will create more technical problems then.

yes but it is a fake story so i think no need to be in this thread any more

yes i also know that ptcl is going to upgrade on 14 augst-10 and its true......soo when ever ptcl going to upgrade (evry year) coustomer face some problmz same like now days soo i think good news is on its way

I am not getting my hopes up but I wouldn't mind getting twice for what i am paying :)

They will be doomed if they do that...

these are all Qayas Araiyan ( hopes and imaginations ) which have no fact.

so if u have facts then put it down otherwise it batter to b in hopes


A person just made a story out of thin air and we start blaming ptcl, there are already threads for that purpose i guess.

MZC we dont blame ptcl

ok tell me what will u say to me if i offer u a new 1300cc car in 12 lak and after getting money i give u its pic ?

ppl just putting their ideas in these thread

and as far as this thread i havnt seen any blame yet

did u?

First they should solve the problems they are already having.No need to give us double speeds.They should spend on the rotten lines.

and with evo i am getting awasom speeeeeeeeeeed

32 KB download

12 KB uplowd

and when it will b double i will get

16 KB download

6 KB upload

then i will be more happy ..................... :D

there we go again . . .

lol every body wants to be in dreams


This topic should be locked :D