PTCL + Dlink Wireless Router Port Forwarding Settings


I m new here and hope that i will get some help here...

My Problem is that i am using "PTCL's EchoLife HG510a" + "Dlink's Wireless Router DIR-615" and i want to forward ports for a game... These are the ports i want to forward:

UDP Ports: 4658, 6500

TCP Ports: 4658

My Ptcl Modem IP: is

D-Link IP is:

I can login in both as an admin.

I am Attaching some snaps here so you guys have some view.. or make it easy for you to understand...

Ptcl's Device:

D-Link Device:

I can provide more images on demand... Hope you guys wil help me out thx in advance... :)

So no one to help me out??

visit ptcl sticky thread dat router ones may be ur problem get solved

i can help :)

contact me @skype raxxv2