PTCL Complaints -- Not Resolving


Please write your issue's regarding PTCL complaint here and ptcl support department not resolving your complaint for a long time.

Here is my Problem:

1st Issue: I have bought PTCL EVDO 9.3 Nitro from 9,000 for 3 months but its never running. i have register 100+ Complaints but never resolve the issue single once i have pissed the PTCL.

2nd Issue: I have then register for PTCL Broadband for 2mbps after 15 days its running fine then after that its sink un-sink problem and their is another f**K up support department always they register the complaint and told me that you old complaint is resolve i say how old complaint is resolved then they said its from backend and ptcl neither acknowledge me for that, I register the complaint for that issue too its resolve that issue and next time they called me first.. but the sink - un-sink problem is not resolve yet.. now a days i am facing new problem whenever i register the DSL Complaint then the **B**C ptcl is dead and after 2 days ptcl is on working and again same issue's i am facing.

Now i record every thing every complaint every recorded call and now i need some more guys who have facing the PTCL issues and share it.

Please Don't Hesitate to write your problem here. If we are not Stand-up then this **F**K** UP PTCL Complaint can always fraud their members.

Welcome to the club dude ..

1. Try taking your EVO device to a different location.. could be (Signal) issue..

2. (PTCL broadband) Your telephone line either has distortion / joints / or the copper has turned weak

3. By recording every conversation wont do any good.. your still being charged by the end of the day (waste of time).

4. Calling the customer support is just waste of time.

5. Complains are resolved by the (area) linemen itself.. who press 1 on the recording on your behalf

6. Get hold of your area lineman.. tell him to test the copper cable .. (if it requires a change.. get it replaced not more than Rs.500/-) - 90% chances are that he will already know what your problem is and would be anxiously waitaing for you to give him money.

7. All the above are from personal experience ..

Let me know if i can be of any assistance.

@skysocket true man but unfortunately all the PTCL Co-Workers in the area's are un-educated and infact PTCL Didn't have any complaince department, I am damn sure now that all the higher authorities of PTCL are involved in many different activities like you mention that they will resolve the complaint on their end. I have face those problem many times. PTCL is really a spam service i recommend every one that don't ever believe on PTCL they are just focusing on spamming services nothing else.

Think now every Telecommunication companies has launched their services in that budle like PTCL Do.. But PTCL didn't retain their services thats a big reason they have launching a spamming services.

As my personal experience i recommend WATEEN and WI-WITRIBE

strongly recommended by WATEEN because wateen has committed what they do .. means i am also using wateen since 2 years never face any problem yet, but in PTCL, QUBEE, MOBILINK INFINITY i have faced problems and problems infact bundle of problems. Their basic issue is the retaining users for their services, Nothing else, if those telecommunication department has retain their customer i strongly recommended to the companies that they have take Survey first and focus the issue's what the users have..

Now disconnected the PEE TEA SEA LOL