PTCL calling ONU customers for replacement of landline

I have been called for replacement of landline from copper to fiber optic (costs only Rs. 550, apparently its a promotion). is it true?

I live in G-11/1, Islamabad but I haven't seen any kind of digging in the area for a fiber optic. And Rs. 550 seems rock bottom cheap, will they provide the modem for free? Highly doubtfull!

ONU is not FTTH. DSL modem/CPE will remain same.

I am already on ONU, there is only ONU here and I know it is not FTTH.

Don't waste your money on ptcl. When we got this phone they said this is fiber line and is very good. Phone worked for one week and then it became dead though Internet was working but it disconnected again and again. Sometimes disconnected after a minute. We started complaining on daily basis and we got only computerized call on mobile that your phone is ok now. Called many times on line man's mobile and after 2 weeks a man came and we gave him 200 Rs and he said your phone is fine now and also Internet. After a few days phone went dead again and Internet again started disconnecting. We complained and same situation that they only make call on mobile saying that your broadband and phone are ok so press 1.

So my suggestion is don't waste any money on Ptcl.

Lol at fiber ..nthing is fiber apart from FTTH like nayatel ..ptcl is a bullcrap service.

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