PTCL Call Forwarding/Transfer

What are the charges for call transfer on PTCL? The service activation/deactivation is free. However, I can't understand the associated charges. For example, in the scenario:

* I am diverting all calls from my PTCL landline to PTCL Vfone.

* If someone calls me, and the call is diverted, will I have incoming charges applied on my PTCL landline?

I can understand that if the diversion is from PTCL landline to a mobile phone number, then I shall have to pay the difference in price in my PTCL bill (b/c the caller is being billed only for PTCL?). But, am I paying for incoming diversion to PTCL Vfone too?

PS: I couldn't really understand the CSR. But, I think he meant that I shall be charged for every diversion.