PTCL Broadband vs WiTribe and the like

Hi everyone,

I am planning to get a broadband connection at home (yes, we don't have it yet, isn't that a surprise!). But I am torn choosing between PTCL 1mb broadband connection costing 1200, vs WiTribe which is perhaps 1600, also with 1mb speed. The main thing we wanna do is live video chat, Skype, that is.

Your experience and knowledge in this regard is sought, and highly appreciated.

bumping it guys, looking for an answer :)

Go with PTCL, as skype is your major use. And you can get student package, for 850.

@Yousaf465 Thanks, so that means PTCL stands as a better choice for video streaming?

Ptcl is appropriate if you are a data intensive user. Wi tribe connection has downloading caps per month. Mine had a data cap of 6gb which normally got exhausted by the 20th of every month on moderate youtube usage and so i switched to dsl. Other than that it was a pretty reliable wireless connection. Do keep in mind that in case you choose WiTribe get it installed only if the modem lights have a stable connection of at least 50%. That is two lights out of four. Don't get it installed if there is only one light, since the lightest of interference or signal drop will drop the connection and it will start syncing again.

Witribe will have high latency issue, so not suitable for skype.

Thanks guys. Probably would go for PTCL connection. Would post results in 4 weeks time.

Skype worked fine for me on Wi Tribe and calls to US on Gmail as well. And the download speed was a constant 55k on the 512k connection. Video streaming was below par though on 512 connection but would be better on 1mb connection. And WITribe 1mb is Rs. 950 inclusive of taxes with 6gb limit. Ptcl 1mb (with unlimited download) around Rs. 1020 inclusive of taxes. But of course ptcl is a better option if u have a good phone line.

Skype works well on PTCL, wi-tribe has downloading limits so don't get it.