PTCL Broadband or Wifi Cloud or EVO 3G

Asalaam o Alaikum

Please suggest me PTCL Broadband 1MBPS/2Mbps vs PTCL wifi cloud, EVO 3g.

What is difference between wifi cloud, evo 3g, nitro devices and are they really good as they are high in price

In my opinion if i were you I would go for broadband because wire is always an efficient and stable way of communication.

But based on the facts that PTCL’s coper infrastructure is old i get confused. Still if you have the fiber in your area and mobility is not an issue then DSL would a better choice.

You may want to wait before purchasing any PTCL wifi device. They significantly reduced the data limit on all wireless devices a few days ago. The packages may not be to your liking if you want to download large amounts of data.

so guys u suggest me get a landline broadband?

I need as an alternate and have wateen broadband with me. the issue is i do not get good signals/speed here sometimes becoz of high buildings etc.

so i want alternate so what my interent will avaialable 24/7

plz suggest ISP, Package too.


In KPK and sindh ,there is a tax on broadband ,be prepared for it.

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In KPK and sindh ,there is a tax on broadband ,be prepared for it.


Why only in KPK and Sindh?

There is nothing tax-free these days :( in few year they will charge you on breathing too :(