PTCL Broadband not working for 13 days. What should I do?

My internet is not working for last 13 days. I have called 1218 everyday and they always, my problem will be resolved in next 24 hours.

What else can I do?

One PTCL goes off in any of its services, you can do nothing.

Wait and keep trying. or get on with some other provider.

I had a cable connection with them, after 3 months of use, it went off and they told me that on papers, I do not have such connection. I ordered new one. Took 15 days of TV off in the process though.

Yes, that is what I think. But I am expecting a bill soon and I do not want to pay services I cannot use.

Other options are not suitable. Yehi tuu msla hai :)

Launch a complaint at PTA website, 99% tested.

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Launch a complaint at PTA website, 99% tested.


Thank you. Great Idea.

oK, So answer is submit a complaint to PTA.

I did so and broadband is fixed now.

My problem is also the same.... with a little difference however.... that my 4Mbps connection speed has been reduced to 2 Mbps without any reason. I lodged several complaints at PTCL but they were like... meh....!! So I just have put another complaint forward, this time to PTA, expecting that would help. Let's see how PTA does it's magic....

Got my speed resumed to 4 Mbps just now..... :D Looks like PTA magic worked............ :P