PTCL Broadband "Installation" Enigma

For those of you who have signed-up for PTCL broadband

service and paid installation charges (Rs. 1000/-), what sort

of installation did you get ?.

Today, a PTCL tech showed-up at our doorstep with modem

in hand and said that he would configure the settings for the

modem and that's it.

He had no wire, no splitter, no jacks, no nothing. Said that

PTCL does not provide wire to go from DB to the room where

we want to use the broadband connection. He had no idea

how to splice the pairs into ethernet jacks, or use the splitter

for loopback. "They only gave me the modem and I am here

to config it's settings. We don't do anything else for you. You

should buy the wire yourself".

WTF! ?. Is this for real ?. Did anybody else have a similar exp-

erience with PTCL ?. The guy just wanted us to hook up the

modem to a regular phone jack in the wall... I sent him away

and complained to his manager. His parting words were, "The

guy who'll come tomorrow will tell you the same thing".

If that is true, WTH is the Rs. 1000/- installation charges for ?.

Sheikh 'Incredulous' Chilli

Yup. According to my experience and knowledge, they just come with the modem in a box and tell us to connect it in a regular phone jack!

When I got PTCL dsl installed at my place, they guy just connected the modem in a regular phone jack and waited for the DSL light to go stable. When it didnt get stable, he said it is a back end issue and will be fixed. I was like WTH? after he left i got a direct line to modem and it started working.

I was always surprised by this. They should come with complete tools and wires and everything, to make an optimum connection at home (direct line and all). Can't believe they just connect the phone line to a regular jack and go. Pathetic!

Chillie bhaya, The 1000rs installation charges has nothing to do with PTCL line/DSL installation process. I am using PTCL DSL for some years now and have been closing and opting the services several times.

Its just that sometime you get line installed and phone gets working but DSL takes time to install due to various reasons. and sometimes (quit often lately), the DSL guy comes first with pre or not configured modem with complete or incomplete peripherals EVEN BEFORE the actual phone line installation, hands you the modem and stuff and says when the line gets installed just connect the modem and wait for sometime when the open internet from back end... and you are done.

Its just that PTCL has now started charging 1000rs as "installation charges" for the same cycle....

All you need to do is to accept the all necessary things (modem, splitter, power adopter, lan cable, phone cable etc DON'T settle or sign anything of anything is missing)) that the DSL guy brings and wait for actual phone line to instal. it doesn't matter if the modem is per-configured or not.... I am sure by now, we all know how to configure the modem. and even after the installation of phone line, you have to wait for the tone (for phone) and the backend department to open up a port for your DSL. and remember having a tone for phone and opening up a DSL port on ur line for DSL are two separate processes. either one of em can take longer time then the other to function.

That's how it is these days I am afraid....

I wonder all other companies also take activation charges. May be for some extra revenue or for some insurance etc.

Officially PTCL provides you with the Modem, Charger, Splitter and a 3-4 feet long cable in case of SmartTv they provide 10 Meter long cable. I remember when i got my SmartTv they first gave me a 3-4 feet cable and when i complained about it. Next day the guy came with a 100 feet cable :P

Regarding your case lodge a complaint with PTCL to provide you with splitter and a reasonable lengthy cable + also file a complaint with PTA.

This reminds me when for the first time I called ptcl and asked for the DSL service. I had to leave my office early that day because they called me they are coming in 30 min... when I reached home they were 3 people and a modem. They tried to hook the wire in the main line where my telephone was hooked. They couldn't get the DSL signal.. they tried to troubleshoot at my end... no success, they called their base tried for an hour no success,,, after 3 days they told me that for some unknown reason i cannot have dsl working at my home. According to them they troubleshooted everything and they dont know they problem.

I was so desperate for DSL at that time so i called LDN and told them i need DSL asap. they came and had the same problem. But after 5 minutes it started working and the problem was the small connector box at my home where telephone was hooked up. One of the wire was getting short to the other one (or something of this kind,,, dont remember exactly now).

So you can imagine of pTCL service quality and Troubleshooting now :)

sorry for the long story, i was eager to tell someone for long time :P

I am using ptcl dsl from nov 2007 and in that time when i order for dsl ptcl man come in just 30min after the call with modem, 2 wires and a splitter

modem was brand new and every thing is packed

but now a days they not only started charging money but also making people fool

Thanks for your input guys. It's been two days and no one

from PTCL has shown up. After lodging a complaint(s) with

1218, we got a SMS with a complaint number and some auto

generated calls from a 0800 PTCL number.

I am tempted to go over to the PTCL exchange and sort it

out, face-to-face. But I am going to give them one more day.

@Faisal I think that's what happened. The guy with the modem

showed up before the actual installation team (I hope!). Things

couldn't be that bad, that they are sacrificing basic, proper

installation practices for profiteering ?. What if I didn't know

better ?, I would have thanked him --for lousing up my BB conn.

@aamir098 @nab Unbelievable. That's what the guy wanted

to do. Plug the DSL into one of the dozen regular phone jacks

in the wall. When Maxcom came to hook us up, they insisted,

contrary to our limited wisdom & wishes, upon taking a separate

line from the DB straight to the room before the line was fed

back into the house through the splitter. That's how DSL is

supposed to be configured. Why else would they enclose a

splitter with the router ?).

@MZC Will definitely keep the complaining option open. Don't

know if that actually helps, or p***es them off to do even worse

things to you.

@bilalspcs PTCL guy said that "anything inside your house, is

out of our jurisdiction. We are only responsible for stuff outside

the boundary walls". This is the sort of customer service attitude

that wins them the notoriety they enjoy today.

@blogger Maxcom gave DSL with no installation charges and

they provided heavy-duty, branded, USA splitters and wires.

Sheikh 'Pilgrims Progress' Chilli