PTCL Broadband Coverage Issue

I live in a village some 17KM away from Abbottabad city. Recently PTCL broadband reached to my village too. Actually they covered a lot of area here Broadband is available even 34KM away from Abbottabad city.

Now problem is that there is A MEDIA ISSUE within the telephone exchange of my village so i cant have Broadband yet. Now i went to main exchange in Abbottabad city two weeks ago and they told me that it will take 4 days to solve the issue now went to them on last Saturday and they told me that it could take a week or more to solve the issue.

Than i went to the telephone exchange in my village and the guy there told me that the equipment was deployed 6 months ago. :o

Now i dont know,..... if it's not been done for 6 months how would it,... in a week.

So what can i do about it???

Thanks for any help.


What depresses me even more that people sitting 34KM away from the city do have DSL and i still have to put up with Telenor GPRS. Which does a good job but i have signals problems during the day and it costs me near 800 RS. a month for 2GB data @ 140Kbps avg speed.