PTCL has introduced a new 10Mbps Broadband package in addition to its existing Broadband packages. The New 10 Mbps data rate is offered to the customers at Rs. 9999 / month with unlimited download. Current PTCL Broadband packages are;

1. 1Mbps at Rs 1199

2. 4Mbps at Rs 1999

3. 6Mbps at Rs 4999

4. 8Mbps at Rs 6999

5. 10Mbps at Rs 9999

PTCL sucks

Can we compare these Pakistani rates with UK rates? The answer is a big NO.

In England with 30 pounds you can enjoy:

Unlimited broadband (20MB max, medium varies just like any other ISP).

Unlimited telephony.

Unlimited TV package.

The infrastructure of PTCL is not being upgraded for DSL. In my area these gay authorities of PTCL changed the digged wire an year ago. Now DSL doesn't work on it. Complained number of time but the answer is: We have requested higher authorities but they are giving budget for big cities only.

PTCL's claim of providing broadband service in over 600 cities and towns across the country is fake. They don't cover whole city.

So PTCL you are #$%#.

Using Wateen nowadays but its rate is too high (Rs.1620 per month).

Don't know why government not intervening in broadband rates. Now its time to cut these rates, so that maximum people could benefit from internet.

ptcl is now way behind worldcall

worldcall is giving 10mb at 8000

But Worldcall is not everywhere PTCL is almost everywhere in a whole country.

Another marketing fail by PTCL! just had a little conversation with a DSL friend of mine in PTCL exchange here in Lahore....he says its a very gud way to actually take revenge from the labour staff down here....they are using incompetent devices which can't support these bandwidth such as Huawei and ZTE...all DSLAMs are now history....they should have moved on to Juniper Cisco and rest state of the art devices way back...The NOC and local exchange has a very less and hostile coordination when it comes to installation...most of the time facility is not available....and most of all....the incompetent managemental higher Ups...they lack big time marketing strategies...lyk they should have done an overall survey either it can be supported on the major copper network or the infrastructure is 30 to 25 years old in many regions....and yes i'm talking about a major city Lahore....! so the whole scenario from management till till infrastructure...they all are not supporting each other...if PTCL wants to thrive they should work together...and thts hell lota big issue wid this company....!

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But Worldcall is not everywhere PTCL is almost everywhere in a whole country.

Do copper wires really support it?My copper line doesn’t even support 1024 kbps and ptcl is talking about 10240 lol … are they kidding or what? “Rahem kar Moula”

My line can support 30Mbps, but ONU has it's own problems, it remains down during loadshedding, and sometimes "awain he" due to shitty PTCL exchange staff!

Good for ppl with ONU :)

5. 10Mbps at Rs 9999 ???? wtf

In the UK you pay £20 (about 2700 Rs) for 20 Mbps

LOL LOL and LOL... Shitty PTCL can't even supply 1 mbps to the subscribers who have 2 MB connection, how can they deliver 10 MB? I think it is similar to the 9.3 mbps EVo nitro which actually delivers only 1.5 mbps in total... Their shitty marketing tactics and god damn bloody staff is going to drown PTCL in its own blood..


PTCL wants to keep their costumers happy! nice jokes from PeeTCL!

why are you guys comparing ptcl's dsl with UK/england's price/bandwidth ?! those are developed countries and Way ahead in Everything, if you want comparison compare it with WC or other !@#$ ISP's

Mybe cuz the purchasing power of our currency is declining thats why there is difference in price not to mention this Govt is the most incompetant so they probably have some guy sitting on top who knows next to nothing and only wants to mint money :/

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why are you guys comparing ptcl’s dsl with UK/england’s price/bandwidth ?! those are developed countries and Way ahead in Everything, if you want comparison compare it with WC or other !@#$ ISP’s

How can you compare it with Worldcall man? Worldcall is only in 2-3 cities.Its a city specified ISP.Its like we are buying Ferrari which has Mehran engine it it :D

lol 10 mb ? lol biggest joke :D its over 9 Month i m using PTCL Not a Single day its working correctly..hundred of Complain..nothing Happen... i visit Exchange and talked to D still Nothing happen lol

not Upgraded...Keep Disconnecting in every 2-10 mints lol

I Live in Malir Karachi Rafi Baglow Any one knw any Good Internet over Here please tell me


It isn't dedikated, it all shared whether you get 4, 6 or 8 they all gonna work pretty much the same.. big deal if they drop in 2, 4mb upload rate but its dullard Peetcl.. wan*ers duh!

I'm not gonna bother. Even if they will offer me 10Mbps for free, I will not switch back to this piece of #$%# company again. I'd rather pay more and get better quality service than to pay lower for cheap service. PTCL is simply a cheap company whose only intend is to drive every other ISP out of business, so that the end users are at their mercy :@...

Stay away from this marketing gimmick unless you are masochistic in nature.

seriously if your rich and only use net for fun & porn stuff tats ok. go ahead

Well unless someone applies for it we wont know how it performs and due to strike i guess work is not being done rather its a pink panther scenario b/w the engineers and the line men who are on strike where the guy paints his house blue and pink panther comes and paints it pink (the fix the lines they mess up the lines =p)

I know ppl will always complain and i am also not 100% satisfied but i have been using PTCL DSL since from very month it was introduced (i think it was around August 2007), and i NEVER had a bandwith problem with PTCL. Does'nt know the ptcl connections sharing ratio but i have always recieved my maximum download speed. The only problem i had was numerous disconnection on my copper wire which had very very low SNR so i upgraded to ONU and No problems at all. Now i don't get disconnection's at all or maybe 1 or 2 time in a day and i get around 490 KB/s download speed on 4Mbit connection. Just downloaded Gothic 4 (8GB size) in 5 hours from megaupload and now downloading Medal of Honor.

PTCL does'nt have a bandwith issue, they have it in access, the only thing they need is to upgrade the underground media/cables. For the time being, i am pretty satisfied with the service. So the person whose line is good, will be able to use 10Mbit without problem. My line on ADSL2+ modulation can support connection upto 24Mbps, so i can use it but i am sure as hell not gonna spend 10,000 rs/month. Its probably for corporate or small businesses.

And those who are comparing PTCL with UK and other western countries are just making a fool of themselves. They are developed countries in every aspect, Pakistan can't compete with them in any aspect. The more reasonable comparison will be if u compare our ISP's with our neighbouring countries like India/Bangladesh and i am sure Pakistan is not much behind from them if not on lead.

b/w i live in Lahore.