PTCL being slow!

its annoyingly being there to disturb again...wats wrong with them...?

PTCL is being slow since few days now...and the browsing is messed up what is wrong???

I am getting time values like 336ms, 1851ms when pinging....What this shows ?

Torrent speeds are inconsistent but wat bother's me more is that streaming is like slow death on PTCL these days....its absolutely horrendous...a 2mins video on YouTube takes 7mins to load...

Streaming was slow but its simply dead from the past 3-4 days.

if your torrent downloading speed is super fast and browsing is slow then its not issue with ptcl its in your computer i recommend you guys download Firetune (if using FF) and tune your connection + Firefox and then feel the difference

Torrents are inconsistent, max speed i am getting was around 1MB around 11:00 PM and now it's been reduced to 512kbps.

Same is happening with PTCL EVO. Download via torrents, IDM is pretty fast but streaming and browsing is pathetic. On a whole, PTCL server is dumped.

for me its PTCL's dns problem, use Google or Open and all will be fine.

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There seems to be a drastic change in download speeds…I’m not able to cross 245KB/s on healthy torrents as I was getting around 440KB/s easily…wats wrong?


That’s good speed, i never got better speed then 100KB (from ptcl evo) mostly i get 54KB/s, it’s been like 2 years i am using eVo device

The speed is effingly down...YouTube Bad, Browsing Bad, Download Inconsistent...I'm gonna kill these overcharging morons.

Companies like Witribe, Wateen are running well even though they buy bandwidth from PTCL. Three national optical fibers are in control of PTCL with highly available bandwidth and still if people suffer, it is odd.

Speeds are fine but latency and streaming is very poor for ;ast 1 month since they changed that gateway from 119 to 203.