PTCL-BB doesn't mean PTCL Broadband

Hello everyone im using 4mbps my problem is i getting higher pings like 400+ from last 3 months its shows a stable download speed and a good ping like 43ms in speed test but when i enter the game it jumps and i quite i tried alot to fix this issue and dont want to trouble someone but im unable to fix it and need some help i contact with 1218 they said everything is working fine,the condition of wire coming to my home isnt good the lineman checked the wire and said everything is ok but constantly im getting this prob so does a new router give me average pings?or change the @T^*$U% ptcl bb?your comments are welcome!

The answer to your question is inside your own question lol

"the condition of wire coming to my home isnt good"

PeeeeeeeTCL - Welcome to the Past.