Ptcl Bandwidth thorttling in Peak hours

Aslam o Alikum

I am facing this problem from last 6 days .I have 4mb broadband but my speed is 1mb right now. Yesterday I got my full 4MB speed after 12:00 am .Sounds like they are choking the internet speed at peak hours. anyone facing the same problem ?
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These problems start creeping up whenever PTCL starts any bandwidth upgrade campaign like the one 2mb to 4mb upgrade. Hopefully the issue will resolve in couple of weeks.

getting repeatedly disconnected the past few days, related to the forced upgrade?

Have 2mb connection but getting less than 1mb speed since past few days,and sometimes it's crawling.

throttling is back but this time they are doing it with browsing.
HTTP, and Torrents are perfectly working fine. only browsing speed is effected this time.

My videos are not buffering at Dailymotion, metacafe, or facebook. pictures are not opening properly on anywebsite.
how much speed do you guys are getting ?

Ptcl is crap, i have downgraded my connectiom from 8Mbps because i wasnt feeling any difference in browsing between 2Mbps and 8Mbps.Its a crap service.

I have 4mb connection and its crawling for last 2-3 months. This week has been terrible. It stops working randomly and for last few days it just dies when power goes out.

This is my current speed.

This is such a rip off.

I wonder why there are so many people who always complaint about PTCL services but still they have PTCL broadband, why are you guys not switching to other networks?

Wateen on the other hand giving constant speed with unlimited downloading but nobody seems interested in it. I don't understand why.

PTCL has millions of customers and they have to do this speed throttling or other techniques to keep all their customers on their network anyhow... its up to you guys that you want to be part of their network or want to move to some decent internet provider with less customers but quality service.

We have no choice. There is no other provider in my area. I called Wateen today, their coverage area is very limited. I would move to Wateen in a heartbeat.

This is my speed right now on a 4mb connection. Fukc you PTCL very much!

Share your line stats please.. seems something fishy