PTCL AN1020-25U modem not working after ReSet?


I have PTCL AN1020-25U modem. Due to some reason I needed to do hard reset it couple of times, since then it has "stopped working". And "stopped working" meaning here is on power on it shows 'power' and 'usb' led-z on and thats it. If I attach networking cable or dsl cable it does not blink their led-z.

And I also cannot open page. It says "This webpage is not available" and I also cannot ping it.

I have tried reseting it to factory defaults but its not working. No matter what I do those two led-z are show on power on and then they stay on, not even blink.

Please suggest any workaround to make it work or it has become a scrape ?


Any help plz !

SABAR kro aur dial 1218 for complaint service

Looks like bricked.

May be someone else can help you to make it working again.
If it was given by ptcl then u can request for a new one i guess.

hmm yes waiting for responses ... may be some one could suggest a trick !!!

If someone can provide some info on how to fix this then it would be a big help.

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hmm yes waiting for responses ... may be some one could suggest a trick !!!


Brother did you get any solution for this...?

Your modem needs to be reconfigured. Register a complaint and follow it up with the DSL section at your exchange for quicker resolution.

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If you reset the device, all settings are restored to the default values and as others have said you need to reconfigure it!

For re-configuration, it is recommended to use wired connection via ethernet/lan cable ... do also check your IP assignments for LAN as now it would be using the default IP range usually denoted at the bottom of the router. You can either do it yourself if you know your username, password and connection type by following the guides/videos by PTCL or you could request a visit by tech support by launching a complaint!

Once you have a working device configured to your requirements, do save the configuration file as a backup.

Do remember that sometimes you may need a '30-30-30 reset' to properly reset a router ... do look it up if you need to try it!



Hi Meverik,

I am facing same problem. Can u tell me how u fixed it. Dont want to talk to ptcl guys as service is very slow. I called they were asking for 7 days.

DHCP not working and when connect to this router using Laptop it constantly gives IP like Seriously need help