PTCL 4Mbps - Upstream too low


Ok guys, I have been searching the net on numerous pages. I have made some tweaks. Perhaps I will give my dastan with PTCL in a different thread. But for now.. someone please help me tackle this problem I am facing.

I teach some classes on line using wizIQ. For this I need a good solid upstream.

Currently everytime I do my speed test with wizIQ on wizIQ server itself I get :

Tbh, the avg I get from this test is about 250 at time peaking at 450. And just sometimes 1.6Mbps

My router stats for upstream say

I have struggled with the connection with ptcl and now I see a silver lining due to the tweaks and changes I have done thus far. I was wondering if there is any tweaks to setup my voip settings or tackle my upstream to get more. I was told I should be getting 850Kbps Upstream

Jazakallah guys,



Even if you get the problem sorted out or tweak your settings, the current modulation scheme shall allow (only) 1Mbps/1024Kbps upstream bandwidth that is a bit low in my opinion at this time for a good quality video feed especially with the current focus on "HD video streaming" as stated on the wizIQ's site itself. Though, the Internet speed test on their side might not give accurate results as it is too short!

I have used Zong's 3G/4G service and consistently get uploads of around 10Mbps though download speeds vary by media type! We also have Nayatel's 5Mbps package and get 5Mbps download and 5Mbps upload speeds consistently (barring a few exceptions of course). But, generally as upstream bandwidth is in favour of the ISPs, once you get a good connection uploads work well. The problem is that it is hard to get a good connection with PTCL and it's mostly upto your luck!

So, try to find another connection available in your area that gives better upload speeds!