PTCL 4mbps DSL -- Expert Advice required

Dear Gurus

i am using PTCL 1mbps DSL connection in defense lahore. Altough i m 60% satisfied but based upon comments i read here regarding other net services i feel to stay with PTCL. i want to upgrade it to 4mbps plus require static Ips. Do you ppl suggest me to upgrade it and paying 2k is worth for 4mbps with company like PTCL. As currently PTCL recovered back from long stricks. If not please suggest anyother good and reliable option.

totally depends on ur would be helpful if u post ur modem stats here.!

will update the modem stats at night but there is fiber optic infrastructure in my area.

Do ptcl check your modem stats if its attainable or not? Or they upgrade the port without any prior checking.

there is a line check survey done by the local lineman along with DSL guy...when they clear the status then ports are upgraded from NOC

If the modem shows 4mb line line attainable rate then they upgrade it?Or they consider more attainable rate for 4mb?

ADSL Line State

Current ADSL Line State

ADSL Mode Setup Auto Sync-Up Annex Type Setup ANNEX A/L

Current ADSL Mode ADSL2 PLUS Current Annex State ANNEX_A

ADSL Up Time 0:00:20 System Up Time 6:03:33

Downstream Rate 6144 Upstream Rate 1036

Latency Type Interleaved Line Coding trellis on

SNR Margin US/DS 6.3 / 32.0 Line Attenuation US/DS 7.4 / 6.8

Power US/DS 11.3 / 19.0 Attainable Down Speed 25144

Link Up Times 26 Line State Showtime

" Downstream Rate 6144 Upstream Rate 1036 "

is this something to judge?

your modem is already set to 6mbps sync profile.....u can attain upto 24Mbps....go for the upgrade man...ur stats are awesome...i guess u r on ONU!

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If the modem shows 4mb line line attainable rate then they upgrade it?Or they consider more attainable rate for 4mb?

nah if its near 3.8 or something then they let things go…although its not appropriate…there was an assistant DSL guy in exchange who used to say that “sir jee 4Mbps app ko pura nae milay ga around 3.5 milay ga” i wa lyk duh!..they blame the pairs and the lineman department for attainability…if u insist they will simply let ur application proceed…now if u get any problem after wards and u complain then they’ll simply say “sir jee apko phlay hi kaha tha”…and then u’ll have to get the lineman to fix stuff…!

Allright .. Is your modem on Gdmt mode?


Line Mode G.DMT or adsl2?

why u askin me??? anyways mine on G.DMT

Just for info :P


Mazahyr! thanks alot for your help. Wat about static ips do u have any info and their prices? as i m not getting connected with PTCL 1236 after several tries. After ur recommendation i m planning to switch to 4mbps :P

thanks dude

There is a strange problem! Today lineman changed the pairs for my line.The Noise margin boosted up to 26.6-25 and attenuation 56.Its set on G.dmt.When I remove the splitter and connects it direct the noise margin drops to 16 and when I put the splitter back the Noise margin increase to 25-26.Whats happening.Its the modem drunk or what!

Which modem do have u got koder ?? Btw, I know this is common sense but did you consider bringing the line directly from the pole to your modem. That will make a significant difference, if you haven't tried it already.

Also pls check that network tweak thread in here. It helped me and a couple of other users improve their browsing significantly.

ZTE blue color831 series ZXDSL.Thats what I was trying.. When I removed the adsl splitter and made the wire go direct to the modem..noise margin dropped drastically from 27 to 16-17 and when I put it back Noise margin was back to its original place.Perhaps modem is acting weird when splitter is removed.