PTCL 4mb is the new 1mb?

I am on 4mb but This is really getting annoying because since i have subscribed to 4mb i haven't got a speed that i should. i am cursing myself because i just left LDN for ptcl 4mb to think it will give at least above 2mb.but reality is different and shocking each day by looking at the speed results below.this is #$%# marketing by PTCL to stay above competition by telling lies and bullshit.

also just today strange thing happening as my internet light suddenly stops blinking and internet goes off for few minutes and then get back to that normal speed.i have conducted many speed test results on best servers but results are sad.


just like their employees, the PTCL bandwidth has also gone on strike

dude i've got the very same issue... since the day my bandwidth got doubled..the DSL has constant sync/unsync issue..and it still persists.

Though its gives max 465 kb/s speed when it comes to download torrents..but sync/unsyc issue is really annoying.

I've been constantly complaining but now i've totally lost the hope..thinking to switch to LDN 4Mb package..@Sumair

can you plz share how was ur experience with LDN package? and what was the max speed you've experienced

Is LDN available in Malir cantt?

Secondly can we use LDN both on NTC and PTCL numbers ?


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just like their employees, the PTCL bandwidth has also gone on strike

ROFL good one!

@ughthu LDN is the best service i have used to date because their speed is constant on every server from newyork to tokyo you will get constant 160 kbps+ on 2mb.the interesting thing is customer service cuz when you complain them through email they will call you next day for only bribe with LDN is thier latency which is higher then most DSL companies for some reason so you will suffer some lag and latency issue in gaming.

@PTCL The problem still persist though. slow browsing, ads & pages not loading , downloading low , uploading fast lol.

I think we should boycott PTCL services and let everyone know what they truly are.

^ Nah man ptcl latency is crappy now.LDN pings are far better than ptcl's.

@koder maybe now the pings r fine on ldn but it wasn't month ago when i subscribed to #$%# ptcl service.

this is madness really my internet light on modem is red and internet is working for just like 2 mins lol? what is happening