PTCL 4MB DSL package is now truly Unlimited!

There is no more 300gb download limit on 4mbps package :D:D:D

Never trust Ptcl

Ptcl changes with the blink of an eye

there is always a catch

4Mb is just a my area it only comes around 1.5Mb even the package is 4Mb

PTCL is big lie, no after sale service, still they Govt office

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It seems to be true. The DSL packages page no longer mentions a * for 4Mbps unlimited package. Their bandwidth measurements are way off on the low side though. Haha, my DU meter would be showing a lot more than the bandwidth used in comparison to PTCL bill.

pagal bana rahy hian 999 main 20gb day rahy hain

i think Fair Usage Policy of 500GB month which will not happen