PTCL 4Mb Broadband - Browsing Speed issue

I got a new 4Mb connection few days before but browsing speed seems to be quite slow. I am getting a max. speed of 140Kbs. Here are my statistics.



ADSL Line State

ADSL Mode Setup G.DMT

Annex Type Setup ANNEX A

Current ADSL Mode G.DMT

Current Annex State ANNEX_A

Downstream Rate

1632 Upstream Rate 544

Latency Type Interleaved

Line Coding trellis on

SNR Margin US/DS 6.0 / 7.0

Line Attenuation US/DS 31.5 / 60.0

Power US/DS 12.5 / 16.5

Attainable Down Speed 1696

There are 2-3 joins in the cable, DP is almost 100 feet away from my home and modem is another 30-40 feet away from the main connector location.

I have already changed all the connectors and asked line man to change the complete wire from DP to my house, not sure when he's gonna do it and for how much? :P

Please suggest ways to improve the speed. My location is Rawalpindi, Peshawar Road, Qasim Market, Afshan Colony.

^you have some real bad issues with your line...your line can support only 1mbps :) you have to change your wire...

Listen dear

Complaint on 1218 and Press 1 for Phone line. Ask them your line has distortion.

When lineman comes ask him to change the wires give him some money around 300.

Secondly ask him to change your pair to the best one available !

Your line will give you good speed.

SNR should be more than 15 on 4bmbps to work properly !

Simply ask him to change your pair.

well you shouldn't have gone for 4mb straight answer.

Thanks guys, today the line man came and said my line is not gonna get better max it can support is 1MB. So I have decided to close this connection down and get back to Wi-Tribe again 1MB :). Atleast Wi-Tribe delivers what it says and service is quite reliable though their customer service is just ok.

Actually the nature of my work needs more speed and I am not sure which service to try. Guys plz suggest me some good services here in RWP.

Nayatel if you can afford it. :P :p :P

Don't get in to a talk with your lineman just ask him to change you pair straight and simple, no talk about 4mbps or 1mbps.

I went into the PTCL office today to D/C the DSL line, they offered me ONU line or something I can't remember. I am not quite sure what this is and will that affect the speed of DSL line?

Yes get a ONU if you can it will improve your chances of getting a stable DSL. Also your Upload speed will improve. ONU is optical cable.

i am having the same problem with 4mb..... i am getting 1mb and like less then 150kb download speed