PTCL 3G Evo Wingle - Constant Disconnections at certain time

Assalam o Allaikum,

We've recently purchased a 3G Evo Wingle Wifi USB of 5mbps. I'm a regular online multiplayer gamer of DotA. I've been suffering from unexpected disconnects at the exact same time everytime I play. It disconnects between 20-27 minutes, mostly at the 25th minute. After the disconnection, I have to restart the device in order for it to work. I've asked my PTCL friends who have a Wifi modem but they have no problem at all. Is this because I have a USB wifi and a modem wifi is better? Or what is the problem? This only happens during gaming at GameRanger platform. I see someone else disconnecting, but upon dropping the player everyone crashes and my internet disconnects.

If I don't do gaming, the internet is just fine, but i have a high respect and profile at DotA so inactivity is not good for me + I'm also signed up in an upcoming tournament. I haven't expected such bad quality from PTCL. Recently, I had used Nayatel 2 mbps wifi for 1 whole month and I didn't suffer from any problem or disconnect. But we had to change our net because Nayatel was too expensive.

Now people, I had been deciding to purchase PTCL Wifi modem for 8mbps but I'm afraid if it also has such type of a problem, then it is not good.

Please help me, is there anything I can do by opening the 3g evo page and do something in it? Will port forwarding help?