PTCL 1Mbps speed (Contention Ratio?)

Guys, what is the official speed for 1Mbps?

Is it shared? I made some complains regarding my 1 Mbps package on ONU. I am getting maximum 60 kB/s. (Avg around 30-60 kB/s)

After making complains on PTCL's 1218 I received a call from exchange. On 1218, they said that this speed is not good, and you should be getting atleast 90kB/s.

The exchange says that this speed is ok, because the packages are shared among 8 users and thats why you cannot receive 100 kB/s speed 24/7. They say that there are many users now, and thats why we cannot give you 1Mbps speed on 1Mbps package. They say that you will receive 60 kB/s speed on 1Mbps connection. They say that if your (1Mbps) line profile is set to 4Mbps, then you can get 100 kB/s speed on 1Mbps connection.

Is this true? My line profile is set on 1MB.

At my office, I have a 1Mbps connection too, it's a copper line and I get continuous 124 kB/s speed on it and the line profile is set to 4Mbps.

BS. I used to get ~115KB average on 1mbps and I get 230KB average on 2mbps. Have you checked your line stats?

Yeah I have checked my line stats:

SNR US/DS= 7.0/46.5

Line Attenuation US/DS=16.5/27

i haven't seen this much higher SNR value before...


I have at my cousins. It usually floats between 42-46

i don't think that the connection is shared among 8 users...the problem seems to be somewhere else....i,ve been using PTCL broadband for quite a while now...on 1 mb, i used to get 110kbps to 130kbps 24/7...right now i'm on 2 mb and i'm getting like 240kbps to 260kbps...

115KB/s to 125KB/s

With the sync. speed now increased to 1.5mbps, you should be getting the max out of your 1mbit connection, considering your line is in pretty awesome condition. 60KBps is just BS! If the exchange guys are not helping, try to get in touch with Divisional Engineer (DE), or contact PTA.

A word of advice: the exchange guys aren't always helpful - I'll suggest you get your computer checked for some viruses or what-not (or use another computer with the same connection and see if it helps)

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My Downstream rate was 2560 before. At peak hours I was having ping break and high latency issue. A man from exchange come to my home for a technical visit, he changed my downstream rate to 1024. The problem is still not solved but it has created 1 more problem that when I am downloading some thing and try to play Counter Strike online the latency shoots up to 300ms.

Is there any way to get back my 2560 downstream rate on 1mbps ?

I had exactly the same problem with a LDN connection. I used to get a max of 40k per second download speed. My problem was the line has constant noise when the DSL was synced up. I complained to PTCL regarding this and the problem is now solved. Now i usually get 90k per second. You should get your line checked out. Do you encounter frequent disconnections by the way?

no disconnections these are my line stats

ADSL Mode Setup Auto Sync-Up

Annex Type Setup ANNEX A/L

Current ADSL Mode G.DMT

Current Annex State ANNEX_A

ADSL Up Time 0:11:47

System Up Time 0:20:53

Downstream Rate 1024 Upstream Rate 256

Latency Type Interleaved

Line Coding trellis on

SNR Margin US/DS 31.0 / 38.0

Line Attenuation US/DS 5.0 / 7.0

Power US/DS 11.5 / 13.0

Attainable Down Speed 11392

Link Up Times 2

Line State Showtime

see the attenuation actually i guess the problem is with ptcl servers in my exchange.

115kbps ---120kbps

@usama ur line state are awsome u r the lucky person who got awsome line state with ptcl server and line

yes line is good but there is ping break and high latency issue from 11 am to 4 am.