PTA devises strategy to address obnoxious calls, SMS, balance theft

ISLAMABAD (May 21 2008): Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has devised a strategy to address obnoxious calls, SMS and balance theft by negative minded cell-phone users. Taking serious notice of the plight of cell-phone subscribers, the PTA, as a first step, cautioned these negative elements to shun such practices or they would face consequences.

PTA has also sent a strict message to the mobile operators, instructing them to take immediate action against the swindlers on the complaint of a subscriber. PTA has also advised the mobile users to verify any prize announcement from the concerned mobile company. Finding it otherwise, get a complaint registered with the concerned mobile company.

The mobile companies have been directed to take action against the offender(s), which includes jamming of SIMS and handsets, without any delay. The Telecom Authority has also sounded a warning to the sender(s) of unsolicited, obnoxious SMSs and phone calls that legal action will be taken against them.

The authority extended its assistance to the subscribers by establishing a complaint centre in August last year. It works round-the-clock seven days a week. The complaints are forwarded by the PTA centre to the respective mobile companies for evaluation to be followed by warning to the offenders as the first step. The second and the final step will be the closure of numbers and blocking of SIMS/cell-phones.

The PTA, extending ready help, has asked the aggrieved subscribers to register direct complaint at their toll free No 080055055 or 051-9225329-31 ext 155 or email at

The PTA and the mobile companies started the operation with awareness/educational campaigns through electronic and print media. The cell-phone users were made aware that every set owned its specific IMEI number, which if blocked rendered the gadget dead, a piece of scrap.

The global mobile system (GSM) uses the IMEI number, identifies valid devices which helps stop the instrument to reach the network. The mobile companies with their equipment Identity Register (EIR) block the handset using IMEI number. The PTA has made it obligatory on the subscriber to provide IMEI number while making a complaint. It may be recalled that IMEI system yielded good results.


Does this cover advertisement msgs from unknown 4, 5 digit numbers. I m sick of them.

I dont think so it would work as history of theft mobile sets still on sale and in use. I hope and pray it can be controlled.

btw very nice step!!

Hope pta oficers and employeez take actions on complaints as described above