PTA blocking websites

Someone sent me a link, and it was blocked with the following message:

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Dear Valuable Customer,

Your requested site is blocked by PTA. Please consult PTA if you have any query regarding requested site



I hadn't seen a blocked message for ages, so I was wondering whether PTA is just testing it's blocking machine to gear up in case the govt. feels like blocking parts of the internet!

Never came across such a message. Is this site hosted in Pakistan?

There were as much as 370 sites which were blocked by PTA back in 2010, where there was a controversial posting on facebook. May, some of them are still blocked.

use epoxy

I dont know but iptorrent isnt opening on LDN??

anyone else???

why don't PTA block porn sites?

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why don’t PTA block porn sites?

1 Its demand of their costumers (don’t you know last year a survey from google Pakistan ranking at number 1 in porn searches)

2 they got no time to filter urls in blocking softwares

you want to do PTA suicide itself?