PTA blocked all Shoes sites in Pakistan

For past 2 days I have noticed that I can't open any of the websites trailing end with "" like "" or "" , that makes millions of websites banned by PTA. I am using Wateen internet. I contacted Wateen talked for half and hour, they first tried to convince me that they are adult websites, how stupid of them. But the end result was Wateen can't do anything as its a ban by PTA, I should contact PTA directly.

This shows how careless is PTA banning websites which would harm many businesses in Pakistan including mine. What should one do in this situation ?

all working fine on PTCL, in the first phase pta blocked 1000 websites , all of them contains explicit content, no shoes website has been banned though :(

Its blocked on Wateen, I get PTA warning on those sites straightaway. I am a webmaster and many of my own websites have been banned which end with "". Its not banned on PTCL yet, but it maybe because they have not pushed the ban yet ?

What? Why shoes?! :blink:

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For past 2 days I have noticed that I can’t open any of the websites trailing end with “” like “” or “” ,


PTA’s filters sure are working… :P

I am amazed that there are actually people out there who

wish to get the govt involved in making decisions for them

on what they can or cannot access online at home, regard-

less of the merits that are bandied about.

And asking this of the same govt that they lose no oppor-

tunity to badmouth, on grounds of corruption, competency

and whatnot.

Here, Big Brother does not even have to come and take

our civil rights away. We are scrambling to get rid of them

on our own!

Sheikh 'Running On Empty' Chilli

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PTA’s filters sure are working… :P


If that is the case then why can’t I access “” or “” or “” or “” or “” and so on.

no i can still open bata and service shoe websites

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If that is the case then why can’t I access “” or “” or “” or “” or “” and so on.


On an Ironic note…all of them include “hoes”… :D

^ OMG! Thats it! You solved the mystery!

But that's just effed-up. What's the effing point of blocking pr0n? It's not like we can't bypass it. <_<:P

I agree with what sheikh_chilli said earlier regarding the entire Big Brother shin dig. As a parent, a tiny part of me agrees fractionally on the ban, but realistically anyone who wants to can still bypass everything with a proxy etc. I was able to see the actual email that went out from PTA to the service providers to block the internet websites by noon on Monday. While some have complied, I find it amusing how most of the content remains accessible on ptcl, which is arguably the largest service provider. What is going to become increasingly frustrating however is when they eventually go over to phase 2 where they will start blocking websites based on certain keywords and that is when its really going to hit the fan...

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I can’t open any of the websites trailing end with “” like “” or “

I just tried all three of those sites, and they opened just fine on my LDN connection. So i guess it’s not a PTA thingy.

Yup...they do not open on Wateen... Strange.

PTA announced that all pornographic websites will be blocked in Pakistan.

See more here

Expect whores to be back in business (not that they weren't in the first place)....

"Bro's before hoes", is what I would like to say, but screw it :P

Well, you can still check emails on your 10 MB

broadband connection... really... fast.

Sheikh 'Done!' Chilli

4 of 7 mentioned sites like and are not opening on PTCL as well... So it's not only the Wateen fault, it's the PTA fault :angry:

but i can still see n all the softcore porn movies they keep showing on cable tvs n cinemas, 100% of nations population waste their time wtchin them n listening to crap porn songs like sheela ke jawani and loads more released by pornywood every month.

PTA blocked considering it a porn website (Wi-Tribe Connection). I have complained PTA about this issue and waiting for response.