PTA Bans Mobile Phone Import (without IMEI) - Online Ordering?

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As you might have read recently during Dec-13 PTA has imposed some sort of ban on the import of mobile sets without IMEI. Now the same news is also mentioned in some places with a slightly different version that all mobile set imports have to be cleared and verified by PTA and imported has to get a type approval and IMEI number submission and approval from PTA before import.

In either of the scenarios, what do you think would happen to individual online buyer like myself and a lot others in this community who are using or planning to using online shops like or or a lot of other good discount sites to order their favourite chinese android mobile.

Since the chinese mobiles purchased online DO have a valid IMEI (at least the leading brands like Meizu, Xiaomi, Jiayu, Oppo, Hike), it can still be an odd reason which can be used by customs officials, that this IMEI is not approved or listed for used by PTA. I know some local shops in Lahore and Karachi have also started offering leading chinese andorid brands, but they dont necessarily carry all the models, plus the price benefit you get from online ordering is somewhat compromised.

I have done it earlier on Aliexpress and did successfully receive my mobile via regular pakistan post EMS service. Although i had to give some nominal amount of customs duty on it. Later i soid it onwards.

But I guess it would not be possible now, since customs or post office officials do now have an official/legal reasons to withhold any such online ordered mobile, and maybe keep it for their personal use, not necessarily for submission for PTA approval. It is also quite common in EMS / USPS (non-registered) international parcel to have no trace on pakistan post website (which already provides no useful informaiton).

So asking this question to learn from collective experience if anyone has recently ordered a moblie online and how successful was the delivery plus get useful information about any other caveats in the process.

Thanks for reading and replying.

Regards. replies...Guess no one has come across or thought of such situation....anyways keep your opinions and experiences pouring in...

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I usually buy stuff from online store but i have not bought any phone since this PTA ban. One of my friend in UPS had told me that now you have to get permission letter from PTA for your import. But still it is not confirmed. I am planning to buy some phones and tablets in the next month. I will let you know what happens to my shipments or soon i get any relevant information. Thanks. Have a great time.

my phone has been delivered to a customs broker. The sender sent me phone by DHL and now DHL officals are asking me to get NOC from PTA, by the way it's iphone 5, i don't know how can i get NOC,

I dont know the procedure to do it but it is confirmed that you have to provide NOC from PTA to your courier service. This NOC is only issued from Islamabad and it takes 4-5 days. Another problem is that if you are not able to provide NOC to your courier service within certain time frame, they may return the phone to the sender or even confiscate the phone.

Another information i know is that this NOC issue is only applicable to courier service like FEDEX, DHL and UPS, if you import/buy via Postal service, you dont need to provide any NOC. All you have to pay is duties on the phone.


I just placed an order online for chinese made Jiake V8 phone, I sent the money (207$ + 1900 Western Union fee), and parcel was shipped. it reached Lahore on 03-May-2014.

here begins the problem, the DHL tracking says "Delivered to broker as requested".

when I called DHL office in lahore Airport, they say you need NOC from PTA.

I'm not sure how to get the NOC and how much it will cost me.

If I don't provide NOC within some period, they say it will be destroyed or confiscated (ofcourse customs are not going to destroy it, someone of them will take it for personal use. now here is the dilemma: I paid my hard earned money but I need NOC to use this phone, a Customs person will take it for free and no one will be bothered. Salam Pakistan...!!!)

if anyone can tell me how to obtain NOC from PTA, it will be a great favor. (It is just 1 phone, for personal use, no commercial purposes).

otherwise I seem to have given my money to someone at Customs, they'll not even be thankful to me for gifting a great phone.




and read this also:

PTA is violating some rules by imposing this ban. and then they say we promote IT and want Pakistan to progress.

Pakistan doesn't need any outside enemy in presence of such bureaucracy and rulers.

I also have the same problem.

Any one of you got it solved?

Ask PTA for procedure to obtain NOC.