PSU issue please help

bought a new gts 450 few days back and installed in my PC. I have cooler master 650w PSU which i m using since 3 years. but after installing the GPU when ever i start any game or any software which makes load on GPU my PC goes Shutdown. I installed the GPU in my friends PC which have a 750w PSU it ran fine on that. So i think this is my PSU issue, can you guys help me what should i do to solve this issue, is there any tool by which i could know either my psu can be repaired or i have to buy a new one.

Check the PSU requirements of gts 450. What else do you have in your PC besides GPU?

well I have c2d e7400 processor, xfx 630i board, 2 hdd, 1 ram, 1 DVD wr, and 1 fan. I think a 650w psu is more then enough for a gts 450.

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well I have c2d e7400 processor, xfx 630i board, 2 hdd, 1 ram, 1 DVD wr, and 1 fan. I think a 650w psu is more then enough for a gts 450.

Your PSU seems under rated. What it says on the label, it can not provide.


Thats what I was thinking

So ennay what brand and model of PSU are you using ... e.g asus, corsair, cooler master?

i have cooler master real power pro 650W here is the link for complete specs:

There is a difference between stated specs and a defective product.

BTW: 650W is a huge size for a PC power supply. Chinese are in the habit of exaggerating the figures. They just copy European and US designs and also print the same labels.

so i have to buy a new psu right? now tell me which one i should by my budget is very little so i ll prefer the cheapest solution.

Yes. Sell this one. and buy a 750 watt PSU like your has.

I would suggest you download a software first to see what the rails in your system are doing. If they are weak then you should go for another psu.

If they are weak then i would suggest check out the Antec power supplies at the galaxy store. They have some very nice models which are economical. Do google the selected power supply for its reviews and you are all good.

Also the store below has some nice power supplies in Islamabad:

well guys, i plugged the PSU and the card in another system, with intel DG41RQ board and e4500 c2d processor and it went fine, I played prototype, NFS MW and COD4 on full settings for more then 1 one hour and nothing strange happened. So whats could be the problem now. I was running windows 7 on the previous system. can it be a driver problem?

so your psu and card have checked out.

Now i suggest you check the ram, mobo and pro. It could be a ram problem as well.

I was getting restart on my system when playing games or installing software. I finally figured out one of my ram modules was failing, i changed that and no more problem.

If these check out then you need to check out the software.

Get a branded power supply like coolermaster or thermal take. Chinese PSUs are crap. Why risk expensive hardware with a cheap PSU