PSP is over expensive here!

PSP is too expensive here, psp 3000 is 21,000 Rs , while this same is $130 price in ebay

should i order it from ebay then ....??

well yea you can.. if you are lucky ,one of the customs officer's SON wont get lucky and wont get a PSP as a gift from his DAD... =)

I think you should try to shop around a bit...I got a 2nd hand PSP 2000 more than a year and a half ago for 11,000~.

And be wary of ebay. Plenty of scams go on there. If you are going to order items on retail price from a foreign site it's better you order from a site like Amazon. For games specifically is a better place if you are in Pakistan.

Ditto on the PSP2000 part.... it has all the games you need to play

Yeah this is true. Gadgets are really expensive in Pakistan.

You can buy PSP 3003 just for 17500/= now

but I think PSPs are not fun now....

Its titles have gone worst.

I have tried more than 10 games in a month including God Of War , FIFA , NFS and GTA series but none one them is addicting :/

If you can afford then go for PS3 :)

Waoo its price is too much high :o