PSP for Sale


I am selling PSP Fat running latest version of M33 Firmware (Dark's Alex).It is in good condition.(It is 5 months old and i have used 2-3 times only)..Reason for sale: I don't play games..i purchased this psp for music, surfing etc but now i purchased iPod Touch.The PSP comes with Computer Datacable charger, Original charger, nice psp bag and 2 GB Memory Stick.The price is 7000 rs..(Non-Negotiable)I am from Lahore..if you are out of Lahore you can just send money in my UBL Account and i will TCS you the PSP (I've done few trades with Musafir (WP Member) so if you have any doubt about sending payment online you can contact him and verify ;).

PS: You can submit money in any ubl account branch if you don't have online banking account.TCS will be paid by me i you are not in Lahore!


i m interested in buying. plz upload some picture so i can see its condition and also inform me how to contact you.


I am emailing you so reply the reply the email and i'll get back to you!


the guy is a liar, called him 5 times , he commented he will sms me the account number. he did not

Then he made some lame excuse , that was apparently a loud excuse.

Hmm which excuse?I've only spoken with you once and i've got better offer from someone so i sold him the psp..

The part is that u did not reply. End of discussion

The item is sold. Please quibble else where. Closing topic.