Psp Fat For Sale


Demand 12000

I am selling PSP good clean condition no Scratches u can see the pic in pakgamers forums. PSP with all accessories Box, charger, Dvds, UMD demo disk, 2GB*2 one is original japan real high speed memory 80Mbs with packing the other is china high speed memory 50Mbs. Model 1004 custom firmware 3.90 m33-2.

I live In Karachi. Interested only can PM me...

Please post a link to the pictures.

you can get a brand new PSP for 12000

I know 12000 brand new .but they dont give u Real High Speed MemStick 2GB u ask about the price of Original Sony MemStick its about 2500rs and the china is 1000rs and they dont give u UMD demo Disk they sell it in 1000rs and they dont give DVDs games and PSP logitech Cover. buddy they give u only console for 12000. my Psp looks brand new i bought it New i havent played so mush games on it.. Heres A link of Pic