Psp Downgrade Firmware

hi, i just got a sony psp fat one from the states, it has firmware 2.6 in it do i need to down grade it to run games on it or i can simply download games into the memory stick and it will run


u dont need to further downgrade that ,, instead u need upgrade..... to the lastest one thats custom firmware 4. are u in states right now?/

I had to downgrade my firmware to 1.5 and then had to install Custom Firmware. Im not sure what procedures they are following now i did that like more then a year back.

Anyway go to you will find all information there.

No i am in Karachi, i read an article that i need to downgrade to firmware 1.5 but since i am using 2.6 firmware crack i not available and if i have T086 model the downgrade wont work.. this is confusing also i have some music video's i which folder should i place in the memory card that the psp will recognize it?