PS3 Voltage Conversion Thingamajiggy

I have a PS3 and i was using a transformer type thing to convert from 110 V to 220V, the thing is the one i had was able to support 300 Watts only which was fine for my xbox orignal but the ps3 is too much for it. So any recommendations for where to get one that will support the PS3 and how much would it set me back.(Khi)

Isn't it the other way round? Converting 220VAC to 110VAC?

Umm.. isnt the PS3 dual voltage ?

dual voltage i dont think mine is...really?

ahh i feel so foolish now i did do some research and a lot of people say that the ps3 is INDEED dual voltage and all you need to do is get a power cord or something. but ill do some more research just to be sure. thanks

Just have a look at the plate on the under side of your PS3. Voltage range should be specified there.

Just read the input voltage specs on the adapter or whatever...

from wikipedia...

Form factor and power consumption

The console has many ventilation holes, a single large fan, and uses heat pipes; Sony states the system is as quiet as a PlayStation 2 SCPH-70000 series.[citation needed] Physically, the PlayStation 3 is approximately 5 kg (11 lb), 9.8 cm × 32.5 cm × 27.4 cm (3.9 in. × 12.8 in. × 10.8 in.). The power supply is built into the console and a standard 3-pin IEC connector is present at the base of the console. All current PS3 power supplies are Universal 100V-240V/50-60 Hz and will work worldwide, external power markings only relate to the intended market area. The power consumption ranges from 150-200 watts during normal use.

should i trust wikipedia???

MaterCheif, before taking any risks, check out the manual you got with ur PS3. there's got to be some info on the back of ur PS3. read those and you'll be ok.

If its dual voltage, then you should be thankful caz we have voltage fluctuations on daily basis here and i've lost my stereo speakers and several mobile charges to that. the PS3 should be able to handle those for you anyway if its dual voltage :P

Im pretty confident that its dual voltage but do it on your own risk.. Its your console :P .. I checked the back of my console.. It says 220-240V.. That cant be dual voltage? But ive read it tons of times on internet that it indeed is dual voltage.

But i saw a picture on the web, it was a picture of the back of the PS3 and it said something like 100-240V.. mine says 220-240v.. Im not sure but if it says 100-240V on the back then its definately dual voltage. If it says anything else, then you should be careful.

Btw, dont bother asking the shop keepers about it because they will always tell you to by the voltage transformer so that they get money :P

Here it is bud:

Mine doesnt say 100-240.. Mine actually says 220-240

alamode, it cant be dual voltage then. dont you take any risks gamer boy! :)

yea the shop keepers are quoting prices like 3000Rs. for a convertor.

If its 220-240VAC, just plug it into the mains. We are on the 220VAC standard.

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alamode, it cant be dual voltage then. dont you take any risks gamer boy! :)

Yeah exactly. Dont take any risks and use a convertor. How ever i have read all over the internet that all PS3’s are dual voltage. Anyway just dont take any risks though.

You could call up sony center and maybe ask them about it? They ought to know i guess?

Go through this thread :