ps3 and LCD

hi i wanna knw can we connect ps3 to lcd friend want to buy ps3 i heard it gives low graphics visuals on SDTV and HDTV are damn expensive...he wanna know is there any way to connect ps3 wid LCD monitor????

Yes provided your LCD monitor supports HDCP. Samsung 22 incher does.

However, please note that LCD monitors have 16:10 aspect ratio whereas LCD TV's have 16:9. PS3 is desgined for HD gaming hence supports 16:9 aspect ratio. Connection to LCD monitor would cause the monitor to either strech the image OR display black bars on top&bottom. One may or may not like the results depending on personal preferences. Still, the result would be better than SDTV.

The results are better then SDTV on a LCD monitor. If you want 16:9 aspect ratio you will have to spend big big bucks. I'd suggest go for a 22inch LCD it will cost around 21000 and then play games on 720p. On SD it runs on lower resolution. On HDTV it runs at 1080p

my frnd has 19inch samsung lcd monitor...can he connect ps3 wid it....he told ma there is no cable in packaging for connection wid lcd monitor neither does any port on it where lcd wire can b there some sort of special converter or lead for it???

Yes. First of all you need to check if his LCD is HDCP complaint because if it isnt then it wont work with the PS3. If it is HDCP complaint then you're good to go.. The LCD would have a DVI port on the back.. The PS3 has a HDMI port.. So you need a HDMI to DVI cable so that you can connect them together. You can get this cable from saddar just tell them you need HDMI to DVI cable.

Also Sound will also be another issue. HDMI caries both sound and video but when you convert it to DVI you can only carry Video so you need to get the sound from the AV cable (The normal PS3 cable which has 3 pins coloured Red, Yellow and white).. In the AV cable the Red and White pins carry sound while the yellow one carries Video.. The video will be connected to the HDMI so you wont need the yellow one but you will need to connect the red and white pins to a speaker and for that also you will need some sort of converter and i dont have any idea where you can get that from.

Look at this video you will understand it: