PS2(Problem Station 2)

I have a PS2 which doesn't work.When I put in the CD or DVD and start the PS2,it says,"The Disk could not be read."I have searched everywhere and found that Sony have done this.They configure the PS2 so that it does this after the warranty has expired.I even read that this problem is also with the PS3.I can't believe that Sony did this.I had a TV manufactured by Sony and it worked for more than 12 years and when I sold it there was absolutely no problem in it.It was written on a website that you buy a PS2 for $300 and then after the warranty has expired,get it repaired by Sony for $120.I think if I change the CD-ROM then it may be able to run it.But another way is to connect it to my PC and use the PC's CD-ROMto run it.Does anyone knows how to connect it to a PC.

I don't think thats the case....

May be u have f*ed ur PS2 so bad that its unable to do what u want anymore... Or maybe ur using really f*ed up CDs or DVDs.... :|

In other words, ur situation requires an extensive inspection on ur part, of course not by you though :)

If the CDs or DVDs are the Genuine PS2 Games? or

If your PS2 was modified and was actually good with any of the Local Game Copies (The Pirated Games) before?

And now if your PS2 is not reading the same disks?

Try cleaning the lens of the drive. if it doesn't help. then most probably your PS2 lens kit may need replacement.

Are you using original or pirated games ?