PS2 Modification?

Recently got a new PS2...and am just wondering how to get it modified so I could use the local available PS2 games on it...Any idea from where and for how much it can be done?

isn't it already done? if u bought from pak it should be done (until u wanted original to play original games)...

you can go to any gaming shop and say them to mod it. i think it should be done in 2000 to 2500.

Which city are you from?

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Which city are you from?

islamabad…Its not modified cause got as gift from australia…It was sealed, never opened!! Where can I go in rwp/isl for the modification and doe it help playing pirated games on it???

ok a bit off topic!

i am trying to run a dvd-RW with my ps2 slim but it isnt working! it just shows the browse page with no sign of the cd there

by the way i have burned a ps2 game on it!

dont these dvd-rw work with ps2?

yes they should. i have never tried but they should.

and dude just go to any gaming shop.. i hope you know where the game shops are. if you don't the i am surprised!

say them to mod it.