Ps 3 or wii or xbox

I am getting bored nothing to do now a days so playing to buy gaming console to kill time any suggestion what should i buy with more good games and yea i need the one which can play pirated dvds :) waiting for suggestion and yea earlier i used ps and ps 2

You should definitely go for XBOX360, it's the best for pirate gaming. :P PS3 is the 2nd option, as you cannot play newer games on it until newer firmwares get cracked, and by the time they get cracked, those games have gotten outdated. :P And Wii is only an option if you don't mind PS2 like SD graphics, and majorly different base of (mostly childish) games. B)

what about PC gaming bro???

I suggest u to try Xbox 360 bcz pirated dvd's are easily availble.

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what about PC gaming bro???


I cant take pc everywhere like different places but a console can easily be transported :) and also is there any chance that ps4 or newer version of xbox is about to release???

and sorry for late coming to this thread reason i am using ldn and unable to come to this site all time

^ Wii U, the successor to Wii is coming this year.

Successors to Xbox 360 & PS3 are in development, but not much news have been leaked about them (except all kinds of rumors). Successor to Xbox 360 is likely to come next year. PS4 will come after them (anytime from 2014-2016)... Ofcourse things can change, but this is all the info for now.

Keep track of this thread. I'll try to keep it updated:

So buy all 3 while you can :)

Go for Xbox360. You'll like it.