Proxy that works with Rapidshare

Would appreciate links to a web based proxy that works with downloads from Rapidshare.

I dont know of any proxy site that supports rapidshare. But I do know a good premium link generator.

Although, its slots are full most of the time. Give it a try though.

You could also try, although it looks like its down right now.


try it works fine i tried it many times

check this :)

or try

Surf Blocked Websites For Free

Another Website to surf blocked websites

o yes admin should make this thread sticky

thanks for sharing dudes

I don't see any reason for making it a sticky thread :)

ok got a few question:

what benefit i will get from using proxy on rapidshare and what the story behind rapidleech v2.3?

i do download from rapidshare but after every download i have to turn my modem on / off otherwise i have to wait for atleast 15 minutes and boy is that hard work :D m as lazy as a panda.

Forget about proxy. Buy a premium account. It's worth every single penny :)

You can buy dirt cheap RS premium accounts. There is a guy BUTTGEE at He sells cheap rs accounts. Tell him I refered you :)

how can i contact BUTTGEE ?

Get registered on and go to Marketplace forum and there you'll find his rapidshare account thread. Then simply send him a PM and there you have done it :) Beware though, the guy is not the most smartest of them all as when my wife picked up the phone he said "Is this Zeeshan" and well, she doesn't sound like a man and neither do I sound like a woman :) LOL - But he is selling a great package indeed :)

P.S: Do not forget to mention my name to him :)