Protest against PTCL BB Access Charges

A 50 GB data limit is applied on PTCL Broadband 4Mbps, 6Mbps and 8Mbps packages.

If you used more than 50GB, you will be charged an additional amount of Rs. 1000/- Plus Taxes.

Now the customers who are using the above mentioned packages & cross their data limit for the month of August received the BB Access charges of Rs. 1,000 & offcourse some taxes is also applied on these charges. The most frustrating part of this, all this is done without notifying the customers.

Let alone the print ad or TVC to notify its customers, by the way PTCL (or any other ISP) keeps email addresses and phone numbers of all of their customers. So the best way to send an email or personalized text message to all the customers regarding the tariff changes. But they didn’t for obvious reasons. PTCL didn’t bother to even put an update on their website till now. In addition you can thank Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for sleeping so tight and for so long now; PTA website also shows the old package tariffs of PTCL Broadband.

My suggestion for Protest against this pathetic decision of PTCL:

• Not pay the bill till withdrawal of BB Access charges.

• In my opinion there is no need of 4, 6 or 8 mbps connection without downloading because browsing speed is same on all packages. So downgrade your connection to 1Mbps as a protest. If 25% customer does that, PTCL will surely withdraw his decision of BB Access charges.

Join me on & leave your comments. I am going to file an appeal against PTCL decision in court, so your cooperation will greatly help me. Thanks

Mir Afzal Khan


too lazy to make an account! should have made a petition form! :o