Protecting Electorics

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I need the opinions from all of you electrical engineer friends. Here is my scenario and I need some specific recommendations.

I am moving from US in next few months. I have an apartment in Pakistan where I intend to install a Kohler generator. I like movies so I have some high Audio video equipment like an A/V Receiver, Blu Ray Player and a HD Projector. Except for the projector, everything else is 110v. One of my laptops is also connected to my receiver to watch content from the web like youtube. Other accessories like printer, DSL router and scanner are connected in the same general area. Currently in the US I have all this connected via one simple power surge protector. Obviously, in Pakistan I need a step down to 110v and make sure I protect these machines from power surges common in Pakistan. Here are my questions.

1. Do you guys know of any surge protector that gets installed at the very electrical control box so voltage gets stabilized before it reaches to any equipment in the house? This way I don't have 5 different stabilizers all around the house for different appliances. Is this a good idea? What is the cost of such system?

2. How do I configure my systems so I can use only one 220v to 110v converter for BluRay and the receiver? Should I buy one from here or in Pakistan?

I really can't sell me 110v stuff without incurring heavy loss. How would you guys set this system up?

Thanks so much in advance.

Equipment would be there... it is a question of availability and price. read through the generator thread. Someone did use something like this at the "electrical control box".

There are numerous options you could employ for the 110V problem. You could install small separate transformers where needed or else run wiring for 110V to separate sockets in the house. In the latter case, the voltage would be stepped down at the "electrical control box".

Simple step down transformers are available in Pakistan in various electrical shops.

Thank you Asad. I will check the generator thread to get more info. I really like the idea of running 110v wiring to a separate socket and using surge protector as a backup.

In case of small transformer, do you think I can connect a surge protector to one and run my BluRay and Receiver from one transformer? I don't need transformer for each piece of equipment, do I?

if anyone else knows about a part that can be used as a whole house surge protector please post here. It will be greatly helpful and appreciated.

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There is a device called SPD (Surge Protector Device) which can be

placed at the source, which regulates voltage spikes, according to

one of our members who is in the construction business (raza). You

can read more about it

There is also a Over Under Voltage Relay, which depending upon

how you set it's options, can cut-off electricity to your home, if voltage

either gets too large, or drops too low. I believe you can control the

duration of the spike to milli/micro seconds on good quality OUVRs

among other things.

In comparison to a SPD, which costs in the tens of thousands, an

OUVR will set you back from Rs. 2,400/- (KRJ) to as much as Rs.11K.

They can be had from Aram Bagh, Shahra-e-Liaqut, Karachi.

Sheikh 'Fried Electronics' Chilli