, a beacon of 3rd class yellow blogging

After yellow journalism we have yellow blogging. Look at the standard of articles on :smiley:

It seems they will do anything to increase page views which in turn will increase ad revenue.

This article published todays says:

Google Hires a 16 Year Old for Annual Salary of Rs. 23.7 Million

I have posted a comment there which I am not sure if they will approve but you can see here.

What a joke this website propakistani is!

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How do we know if it’s fake?

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Looks at his salary.
Look at his experience.
Look at what kind of what he is going to do.

The way article is written that Google is dying for him. It’s the other way around, people are dying to work at Google, Google doesn’t give a shit.

Clickbaits! They (ProPakistani) have been doing it for years.

As they say “ganda hai par dhanda hai”. Garbage in, garbage out.


That’s a good blog.
But for more authentic news visit Trends Pakistan

propakistani is now losing its credibility, in start bloggers follow propakistani, now propakistani following them for updated content without any authentic sources.

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If it clickbait, then why someone doesn’t report to google or something. Recently google, facebook working to tackle fake-news tactics. If this blog really producing fake news and use them to increase revenue then I think these giants (google, facebook) will take action against him.

more than real it seems like a comic news, lol so much money to just a 16 years old. i have serious doubts about the authenticity of this news.

I am agree with you that its really or fake, If its real news that’s great.