ProPakistani Forum Shuting Down?

From last two weeks there is only one message

Sorry, the board is unavailable at the moment while we are testing some functionality.

We will be back soon

What Happened? Taking down?

There is no like WiredPakistan in Pakistan, I think!

no idea :ph34r:

Good riddance I'd say <_<

Those forum never got much active anyway, so it makes sense if they're closing down.

@MZC It's funny that YOU don't know... Anyways, fix the spelling of "Google" in your signature. :P

BTW, i just checked. They're opening just fine...

every one just send private message to MZC and he will answer to all of you

MZC is oddly silent.

They are upgrading their forums, and this is good sign for IT and knowledge sharing.

Over 2 weeks?

Its working fine with me !

^ yeh i can see you there :D digging very very old posts :wub: