Program running problem in vista

hey every one

i am new to this wesite so kindly bear my mistakes

i have a probelm using windows vista Home Premium 64-bit on a DELL STUDIO 1537 laptop

let me elaorate the probelm

there are some types of softwares or programs that requires confirmation where the screen goes black and a sound is heared when one doubleclick them and some do not require any

my problem is that whenn i double click on a software that requires confirmation it takes about 15-20 seconds for the confirmation dialog to appear amd it causes irritation

does any body knows about this problem or its solution plz share i shall be greatful.

I believe it is UAC prompt which you are describing. Take a look at,2817,2349193,00.asp and see if it solves your problem. I didn't read the entire article, but I think he will suggest to disable UAC to some extent, which will decrease your security a bit. But you should be fine if you have a good Antivirus.

oh thanks a bunch m greatful it solved my problem