Professional Beggars

Professional Beggars

I want to drawn attention of all concern high authority and respectable citizen regarding professional beggars in Karachi as a flood. Every where one can find professional beggars but the question is how long encourage this beggars.

I request all do not support these professional beggars but search those who are white collars middle class difficult to meet their expenses the reason behind limited income and larger expense which they can’t meet but do not begging in front of other as professional beggars which is a bold sign.

These professional beggars keeping their infants and teenagers to get maximum amount earn through begging, if any honest person giving full support which can last whole month but they remain in begging profession and do not skip. Giving training to their kids how to begging and but pressure other so you get money.

Why Govt authority does not taking any notice or action these professional beggars. Their common places of begging near hotel, traffic signal, shopping centre and other area where they often found in begging to earn bread and butter but why they can’t work as MAID in house to earn with dignity and never feel shameful for their profession.

Those who make habit for helping these professional beggars do not pay single Rupee to these but pay those who deserve but not as professional beggars. If you pay charity by this way I think earn more good deeds as compare by paying to professional beggars. I must say professional beggars are greedier than needy person.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )