• 13th All Pakistan and 2nd International Computer Science, Engineering and Business Competition.

    The engineers, scientists, technologists, folks of affairs and the rest invite the likes and the rest to a lively celebration of the dead (tools, robots, machines, business ideas etc). It is where technology and siblings get punctuated with innovation, creativity and design. is a step towards further enforcing the commitment of FAST for the development of Information Technology and Engineering Science related fields in Pakistan.

    It is an initiative to bring out the capabilities of the students and provide them a platform for competition to nurture their expertise. It is the place where Academia meets Industry and vice versa - the bridge that bridges the gap.

    Taking the tradition a step ahead right from 1998, when it first saw dawn, we have 20 competitions lined up with teams coming in from all over Pakistan and from institutions abroad.

    1. Programming Competition
    2. Mobile Application Exhibition
    3. Robo race
    4. Innovative Business Ideas Competition
    5. Robo Wars
    6. Software Exhibition
    7. Game Application Exhibition
    8. Poster Design Competition
    9. Hardware Exhibition
    10. Network Design Competition
    11. Circuit Design Competition
    12. Microcontroller Interfacing Competition
    13. Catapult Range
    14. Ad Wars
    15. I-Cube (For school children)
    16. Logic Quiz (For schools children)
    17. Short Movie & Animation Competition
    18. I-Quest
    19. Photography
    20. Gaming Extreme Tournament
    and many more. .

    Location: National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, St.4, Sector 17-D, Shah Latif Town (on National Highway), Karachi, Pakistan-74800

    Phone: 3362119576

    Website: 2012