Processor problem please help

guys i m having a strange problem, i bought my q9400 a few months back from a PG member, till then i am having strange problems,

1. after installing on my dp35dpm it didnt showed me the correct specs in bios so upgraded my bios and my board get dead, i claimed it for warranty and still waiting for getting it back

2. I purchased another dg41rq and placed my q9400 on it, it worked fine for few days, the idle temperature was 45 and on load it was around 65-70 in june-july which i guess was not a big issue. after few days working on 3ds max, when on load it got restarts, while the temp was not acceding 70. as i was using a pirated windows 7 with update enabled so i thought its a windows issue.

3. I replaced it with my old e4500 and installed xp on it and it was flawless again.

4. now again i put back the q9400 on the board, installed the window, every thing working fine, temp is 40-45 idle and 60 on load.

5. but the problem is now while starting the system when the windows xp loads (show the blue bar under xp logo) my system gets restarts. after many restarts attempts windows starts normal and every thing works perfect again.

Whats your complete current specs ?

Which PSU do you have?

It could be a PSU, memory (RAM) or a hard drive problem.

Although PSU is an oft-neglected item on a computer, it

can gum-up the works, behind-the-scenes, and none would

be the wiser.

If your PSU isn't under warranty, you can open it up and

take a look inside --for possible sparking. Memory sticks can

be taken out and popped back in again, making sure they

are properly in place. You can use various software programs

like HardDrive Tune Pro, to check the condition of your hard


Usually such "re-start" problems are solved by the process

of elimination. Eliminating one variable at-a-time, to find the

culprit. Hope this helps.




Sheikh 'Been There, Still There' Chilli

i tried to reinstall the windows but it gave me error of some missing files again and again, and after many tries my display gone blind :( now after replacing the processor, ram and psu the conclusion is: MY BOARD IS DEAD. i have send it on warranty and GOD knows when i ll get it back. After searching on many forums i noticed that intel low end boards and 35 chipset boards have many issues with quad core processors.


so i am planning to buy a new board with SLI, what do you guys suggest? I am thinking about ASUS P5N D, is it a good choice and where can i find it in Islamabad.

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so i am planning to buy a new board with SLI, what do you guys suggest? I am thinking about ASUS P5N D, is it a good choice and where can i find it in Islamabad.

So the dg41rq board is also dead? Perhaps its time you traced the source of the problem instead of buying another motherboard? I suspect its your PSU that keeps killing mobos.

^ well the first board gone blank, while i was trying to update its bios, there was not any hardware fault in that board. but the bios software file was not available in local mobo repair shop thats why i sent that board in warranty and after waiting for a month i purchased the second board. the second board was running fine with my c2d e4500 for few months. but after installing the q9400 it started giving me the problems. now please tell me how could i trace the PSU fault, is there some meter or something by which i can check the PSU or i have to check it on some other machine?? i am using cooler master 650 w psu.

get a power supply tester to check the power supply


is there some one in Isb / Rwp who can help me to check my processor on his rigg? i have a doubt about the processor. If my processor is fine then i have to buy a new board as early as possible. currently running the psu on another system and its working without any issue.


does it happen that processor fan goes off, then goes on and then off again, all on its own? have you seen something similar happening?

@hawker: nops this didn't happened, the system starts normal with no beep.

@neoclue: yes i am using a ups but its a pure sine wave ups with builtin stabilizer its a very expensive and good quality ups. when i was using e4500 it had the same ups and power supply (cooler master 650 w) never had any issue with it. still using the psu on another system and its working fine.

I guess it was purely a compatibility issue.

Which CM 650W do you have?

Any link?

Also whats your complete specs?

Are you using 32-bit or 64-bit Windows and 3ds max? Try with 64-bit versions if you haven't already, there is a small chance that it was the culprit.

For Blue Screen there may be RAM,OS or Motherboard problem.If you are using Microsoft Windows OS then make sure that at any particular application you are facing that problem,if yes then it may be that application is dumping much memory. In this case remove that application and check or remove that application then raise your virtual memory and then reinstall application by restarting application.Also cross check by replacing another good-working RAM. Done check disk onto System partition and check if any error found and repair that error by chkdsk /r command at command prompt.