Problems with micro sd card in local market

iam planning to buy 2gb micro sd card for in local market it is cheaper then from galaxy. Local market card also has no warranty.

I hear that the micro sd cards bought from local market have problem in saving data and formating..

anybody else have these problems, where should i buy my card from..

I have been using a 2GB microSD of some obscure company (amco. prolly chinese) and it has been working fine for the last 9-10 months. its SD adapter (for plugging in SD slots) has worn out quickly but the memory itself is fine.

same here

my brother also used an amco [chena] card 1gb micro Sd and its working fine frm abt a year and a half

wowow...and here i spent a lot and bought one 1gb sandisk card...and its 8 months now and its not working properly...


a lot of new cards come with viruses and worms,,my card had a worm and a virus which i was able to catch...formating does not get rid of it completely, so when phone is conected to computer use virus scanner to get rid of the problem

by the way bought a 2gb china card for 450rs

lets see if it works

wow, u got ur card real cheap jack.

The markets are flooded with cheap china crap, infact, i wan unable to find any original NEW card (M2 in my case). I ended up buying M2 1GB for 700rs though, it was chinese but they do give some sort of a warranty. So the guy made me a recepit and i took the card. the card started acting up as i feared, so the whole weekend it'd show missing files and stuff. i got it replaced with another one and now its working fine.

All Hail our chinese cheap-a55 importers.

i got a replacement warranty of a week if the card starts acting up...i don what it is but i guess karachi market is so big that things r sometimes cheaper here,,i figured because the sales ratio is so high that they keep the price of stuff low..

Kingstone is better and better warranty