Problem with UAE?

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone post their Speedtest result with UAE? Is it just me or have the pings risen up badly from the previous 1-2 Months? I remember they used to be very good before. Can anyone shed some light on this issue?


My pings to Dubai have increased from 109 to

164 in the last couple of months. I guess ever

since there was a break in the SWME internet

link. I don't know if that has been repaired, or


Btw, Ikram45, which internet package are you

on with PTCL. Is it 4MB or higher ?.




Sheikh 'Al Bunyaan' Chilli

It is 4MB

@Ikram45 Not Bad at my Side...


My ping is awful with UAE while i'm playing online game :( first it used to be very good