Problem with nokia 5800 xpress music sms

I have this irritating problem with sms of my nokia 5800 xpress music phone.

It receives sms from all networks but it dont send sms to any network. I m facing this problem since last 3-4 days. I have checked the sms settings of my cellphone, its ok. I have checked it with the Zong CSS they say all is ok with my connection.

Guys I have tried my best to solve the issue but have failed. plz have a sympathetic look at my problem as I can't live in these times without sms.

^ did you try to check with another SIM of same network or any SIM from other networks.


dude simply *#7370# it

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^ did you try to check with another SIM of same network or any SIM from other networks.


I have checked it with another sim, but the problem remains the same.


I will do it as a last resort. still waiting for some better solution.

@ godfather

a couple of days ago my handset, Nokia E75, stopped sending messages to all networks, i tried every possible thing to fix this issue but no success,

then i decided to *#7370# it, but before i did this, i thought i will have to install all the softwares again... so why not manually uninstall them?

so i started uninstalling softwares in reverse order, the latest softwares I installed where Skype and Fring,

Emptied all message boxes (inbox, sent, drafts etc.)

uninstalled fring--- restarted---nothing

uninstalled Skype and Xplore--- restarted--- and here we go, all was back, messaging started working..

so you can try this also.... i.e uninstall softwares that you installed lately in reverse order, i.e delete the latest one first.

P.S: my problem was solved but problem persisted and (some times) i got same problem once or twice,

Got Irritated

*#7370#ed it

happy now :)


thx bro, I appreciate ur valuable suggestion.

i dont remember installing any software a day or two before start of the problem.

I have installed a few software a day after commencement of the issue.

But I do remember joining 'our voice 7111' service, and in my opinion the problem started just after my using this service. I tried to stop using the service but I could not do so coz it requires sending an sms, which I couldnt do at the moment.

Its a typical catch 22 situation.